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Home décor, household

“Asakusa Hakocho” Lucky Hagoita (Bell)


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Home décor, household

“Asakusa Hakocho” Lucky Hagoita (Bell)


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“Asakusa Hakocho” has been producing paulownia products since 1874. Their craftsmen carefully work on items one by one by hand, passing on traditional techniques. This product is made with a technique that plants different kimono cloth designs into paulownia wood. Enjoy the beauty of the combination of paulownia and silk. This is a delicate product that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

Hagoita (wooden paddle) is an ornament that is said to bring fortune. The bell is said to shoo away bad luck.

■ Set content: Hagoita (wooden paddle), stand 

■ Size Details: Hagoita=12×30.5×1cm; Stand=13.5×10.5×22.5cm

■ Weight: 223g (including stand)

■ Weight (including packaging): 350g

■ Materials: body=paulownia, design=silk

■ Made in Tokyo

■ Brand: Asakusa Hakocho 

■ Precautions:  *Paulownia is soft and light. *It is delicate and can easily be damaged so handle with caution. *For everyday maintenance, use a dry cloth to take off dust. *Do not use wax, wet towels, or chemical detergents to clean; these things may cause damage 

■ Other:  Each item is slightly different because it is hand-made 

Item No. V03171999028

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