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Tote bags

Mini Boston bag (Hishikobanakinran patterned )


In Stock V02995999028
Suzuki Era Fragment Research Institute

Tote bags

Mini Boston bag (Hishikobanakinran patterned )


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A textile previously loved by royalty and aristocrats.  Recreating the design that came from across the sea, an easy to use mini Boston bag was created. The Hishikobanakinran patterned bag with its caltraps exquisitely lined and small flowers laid out creates a feeling of elegance and gorgeousness and it is easy to open/close because pf its wide opening double fastener and it has many pockets, therefore it is perfect for any short trip.  At the bottom of its inside, there is an IC card pocket which is convenient when going through automatic ticket gates.  Back: One pocket with fastener  Inside:: One pocket with fastener, one open pocket, one portable folderRivets are attached to the bottom

■ Size details (mm): height 23 cm · width 33.5 cm · gusset 12.5 cm 

■ Weight (product only) [g]: 540
■ Weight (including packaging materials) [g]: 890
■ Materials / Ingredients: Front side: Silk · Double-sided evaporation yarn · Cowhide inner side: Polyester cotton suede style
■ Origin: Japan
■ Brand name: MB bag
■ Handling precautions: It may become fuzz due to wear. There is a case that it may be turned by scratching or hooking the two-sided vapor deposition thread with a strong force.
■ Other The position of the handle may differ slightly from the photo.

Item No. V02995999028

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