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Gochi Soap: Hirata Koji Shop Rice Malt Soap


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Gochi Soap: Hirata Koji Shop Rice Malt Soap


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Gochi Soap is an additive-free cosmetics brand that uses ingredients from northern Hokkaido, maximizing the inherent characteristics of the ingredients and creating each and every product by hand. 

Hirata Koji Shop Rice Malt Soap is made of koji (rice malt) from Hirata Koji Shop in Higashikawa-cho. Blended with horse oil for even better permeation, with a creamy feel. Abundant vitamins, minerals, and other natural moisturizing components, with excellent brightening, disinfecting, and antioxidizing properties. Also recommended for aging care. 

Weight (product only) (g): 60
Weight (with packaging) (g): 65
Ingredients: olive fruit oil, water, coconut oil, lard, sodium hydroxide, horse oil, castor oil, fermented rice, fermented rice liquid, tocopherol (Vitamin E), rosemary extract
Origin: Hokkaido Prefecture
Brand: Gochi Soap
Precautions: (Instructions)
Fully rinse face or body with hot water before washing.
Use foaming net or sponge for more effective lathering.
Rub foam into skin as you wash, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.


Item No. V03680999028
Jan: 4589969810074

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