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[Sleeping Bag] Aurora 350 LIMITED EDITION "Milky Way"


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[Sleeping Bag] Aurora 350 LIMITED EDITION "Milky Way"


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Maibara is in Shiga prefecture, where Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa and Kinki region's highest peak, Mt. Ibuki are located. As a collaboration of both locations, this NANGA original sleeping bag (limited model), perfect for low hills in summer and motorcycle touring, was made. NANGA is Japan's leading sleeping bag manufacturer and all products are made in Japan. Using Aurora-Tex fabric which has an excellent waterproof, windproof and breathable attributes. A brightly colored original sleeping bag that is easy-to-use, comfortable and fun. The inner fabric is using Aurora-TexR nylon fabric that has great waterproof and water-repellent properties. It solved the giveaway problem of breathability and waterproofness. As it is such material, you can use this sleeping bag without a cover. Comes with a storage bag.

■Materials: [Outer Materials] Acrylic coating water-repellent nylon,? [lining] Aurora-Tex R,? [Inner construction] Single quilt construction,? [Color] (Surface) AQUA,? (Inner Surface) NAVY,? (Back Surface) BLK,? (Stitching) ORITE BLUE,? (Zipper) YELLOW
■Size Details : (Max. Length) 210cm x (Max. Width) 80cm (Height up to 175cm),? [Storage Size] Diameter 15 x 25cm
■Weight (item only) (approx. g): 885
■Weight (including packaging material) (approx. g): 920
■Made in Maibara,? Shiga Prefecture
■Brand Name: NANGA Co.,? Ltd.
■Handling Precautions:
*There is the chance that the fabric may become damaged due to tree branches, sharp stones etc. Also,? when in contact with fire or hot lanterns etc,? the fabric may melt.
*When putting away the sleeping bag,? spread out in a well-ventilated place in the shade and store after it has dried.
*Regarding temperature notation
A temperature range where a general female adult can sleep without feeling cold.
A temperature range where a general adult male can sleep curled up in the sleeping bag for 8 hours.(Lower limit temperature)
A temperature range where a general adult female can tolerate 6 hours of sleep in a rounded shape with their arms holding their knees. It is said that when your body tremors it creates warmth,? and it increases your basal metabolic rate. Also,? using at this temperature range,? there is a serious risk of hypothermia.
*[SEK Mark] Nanga down is completely washed in Japan. Using the 2 procedures of high-temperature & ozone treatment,? it has been sterilized and odors caused by fatty acids are completely removed. Also,? to prevent the growth of bacteria,? it has an anti-bacterial and deodorant coating. Due to this repeated processing,? this Nanga sleeping bag conforms to JIS standards.
*[Fine Materials] The down that Nanga uses is the feathers of mature waterfowl. As it has been cleaned and purified in Japan,? it has the high temperature and humidity adjustment capabilities of original feathers,? it is durable and hardly has the characteristic odor of down.
*Should there be no stock,?? item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,?? delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.

Item No. V01113999028

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