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  9. Aosa Flavored Seasoned Seaweed 6 Packs

Cooked food

Aosa Flavored Seasoned Seaweed 6 Packs


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Cooked food

Aosa Flavored Seasoned Seaweed 6 Packs


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Mildly sweet flavored aosa and nori make a perfect match! 
Both of aosa and nori are harvested in Japan.
Crunchy texture makes it a healthy snack for kids.

■Set Includes: 44 sheets x 6 packs
■Ingredients: Dried Seaweed (Harvested in Japan),
                    Soy Sauce【Organic Soybeans (Non-GMO), Wheat】, Sugar, Ume, Shiso,
                    Salt, Aosa, Mirin, Kombu, Bonito Flakes, 
                    Shelled Shrimp, Red Pepper, Ethyl Alcohol, Seasoning (Amino Acid, Etc.)
■Made in Japan
■Weight (Including Packaging): 615g
■Caution: Desiccants enclosed in the package (Not edible. Do not leave them near moisture, 
               leaving them with too much moisture might cause the desiccants to get heated).
■Storage: Avoid high temperature/humidity. Store at room temperature. 
■Manufacturer: Shichifukuya Co., Ltd.

Item No. V02274999028
Jan: 4977333120070

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