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  9. Njeco Han: Hemp Lunchbox (Black)

Kitchen articles

Njeco Han: Hemp Lunchbox (Black)


In Stock V03648999028
Shiman Seikan Seiko Co., Ltd.

Kitchen articles

Njeco Han: Hemp Lunchbox (Black)


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A Kishu lacquerware lunchbox with the traditional hemp design (black). Lacquerware is considered to bring good luck, and has traditionally been used for celebrations in Japan. It is also great for daily use because of its sturdiness. The Kishu cypress wood used to make the lunchbox comes from forest thinning, so it is great for the environment as well. 

*Kishu lacquerware is a traditional craft of Wakayama. Black and red lacquer are layered over and over. Along with Aizu (Fukushima), Echizen (Fukui), and Yamanaka (Ishikawa), Kishu is one of the main producers of lacquerware in Japan.

■ Size details: W210×D75×H55mm (600ml)

■ Weight: 220g

■ Weight (including packaging): 270g

■ Materials: MDF (Medium Fiber Print Version) / Letting Painting, Wood (Hinonaki Wood) / Urethane Painting

■ Made in Wakayama prefecture 

■ Brand: NeoJapanesque Han

■ Precautions: Do not use in the dish washer, dish dryer or microwave oven

Item No. V03648999028

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