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Seasoning, Spices

Vegetable Stock 9g x 12


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Kawamoto of Kitamae ship

Seasoning, Spices

Vegetable Stock 9g x 12


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This is additive-free "vegetable stock", made with 5 different kinds of Japan-made vegetables (onion, carrot, garlic, ginger, and celery.) MSG, food preservatives, and animal derived ingredients are not used at all. Your dish will be well finished with only original flavors and sweetness of the vegetables. Enjoy making an authentic soup as well as flavoring dishes. It is an easy teabag type which takes only 5 minutes to bring out the flavor.

Contains: 9g x 12 bags


Ingredients: starch decomposition product, salt, dried vegetables (onion powder, carrot chips, celery powder, garlic powder, (ginger powder), yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, pepper powder, kombu, rapeseed oil

Contained: 9g x 12bags

Weight (incl. packaging): 155g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve:

Put 1 stock pack in cold water, boil to bring out the flavor for about 4~5 minutes.

Since it is pre-seasoned, it can be used as a base of various dishes. Also, it is recommended to serve with soup as it is.

Ideal amount of water is 400 cc per 1 stock pack.

It is delicious to use for pot-au-feu, cabbage rolls, and vegetable soup.

It will be flavorful to be kneaded in Hamburg steaks after tearing off the pack.

For dishes like vegetable stir-fry and pilaf, sprinkle 1 pack for servings of 2 ~3 people.

How to store: Avoid direct sun light, and store at room temperature.

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Item No. V04702999028

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