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Kurogaki Card Holder


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Taniguchi Co., Ltd.


Kurogaki Card Holder


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A card holder is made of a centuries-old tree.

The BOIS series sews leather with thinly sliced wood. Because we have worked with trees for decades, we are able to fabricate with wood delicately without breaking it.  The unique designs can only be achieved using natural wood. These hand made products are masterpieces you’ve never seen before. 

With the right environmental conditions, persimmon trees that live for hundreds of years very rarely create a black-and-white design. This only happens every few hundred-thousandth of the time, and is called Kurogaki. Throughout history, this very rare kurogaki wood has been treasured by aristocrats and those in power. For centuries, Japanese craftsmen have tackled with this beautiful wood. Many treasures remaining in Shosoin palace are made of kuragaki. The elegant monotonous pattern of wood charms people since long ago till now and will be made for various products.

A special technique is used on this product, combining kurogaki wood and leather, achieving a natural soft finish. 

Size details: 11cm (width) x 7.4cm (height) x 0.35cm (depth)

Weight  [g]: 20

Weight (including packaging) [g]: 25

Materials / Ingredients: Kurogaki wood, leather

Made in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture

Brand Name: BOIS

Handling: When cleaning, wipe gently with a dry cloth. · If it becomes wet in rain, wipe with a dry cloth as soon as possible. The stain will not stay if it is dried properly. Handle and store as you would with any leather material. 

Other: Because natural wood is used in this product, each one has its own unique design. 

If we are out of stock, it may take a while to arrive, as we will start making the product once your order is placed. Please contact customer support for details. 

Because the product is made of natural wood, it will last for a long time, and adapt to the user. 

The wood has been tested at Ishikawa Research Institute for friction (passed the test of rubbing wet and dry cloths 100+ times at 200g strength) and water.

Item No. V02119999028
Jan: 0451294200155

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