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Cooked food

Rokko Miso Freeze-Dried Miso Soup (Nameko) 10 servings


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Cooked food

Rokko Miso Freeze-Dried Miso Soup (Nameko) 10 servings


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This freeze-dried miso soup is made by the historic miso shop "Rokko miso" in Ashiya, which has pursued its high quality and developed it. This domestic Nameko tasted  miso soup consists of "Aka-dashi", which is made from red rice miso(aka-miso) and soybean miso(mame-miso), and soup stock of Yaizu made dried-bonito shaving. Enjoy our high-quality miso soup that has smooth texture of Nameko at every meal. No chemical additives are contained.

10 servings


■Ingredients: Mixed miso, Nameko, Dried-bonito shaving extract, Mitsuba, Dextrin, Yeast extract powder, Starch, Dried wakame seaweed, Sugar, Antioxidant(Vitamin E), (Included soy beans)

■Contents: 8g x 10 

■Made in Japan

■Serving Instructions: Put contents in a bowl. Pour approx. 160ml of hot water and stir gently. 

■Please note: Please be careful not to burn yourself when cooking/consuming. 

■Storage Instructions: Avoid high temperatures and humidity. Store at room temperature.

■Manufacturer: Rokko Miso Seizojo 


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Item No. V00586999028

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