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Maiko-san Spicy Curry Senbei Crackers

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Maiko Henni ~ Hiy ~


Maiko-san Spicy Curry Senbei Crackers


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Crispy curry flavored rice crackers. Enjoy the addictively spicy, savory flavor of Ichimi spice. 

■Ingredients: non-glutinous rice (Japan), salad oil, curry powder, salt, sugar, spice, Ichimi pepper (Japan), meat extract powder, processed starch, seasoning (amino acid), flavoring, sweetener (stevia, sweetroot), spice extract, acidifier, coloring (turmeric, annatto), thickener (sodium caseinate), emulsifier, Vitamin B1, Vitamin E; (contains milk product, wheat, beef, soybean, chicken, gelatin)

■Content: 82 g

■Made in: Japan

■Serving instructions: enjoy with beer

■Storage: room temperature

■Manufacturer: Maruya Co., Ltd.


■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V03879999028
Jan: 4571201512501

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Maiko-san Spicy Curry Senbei Crackers 4

Post date 5/03/2019 Tuesday
We discovered these on a trip to Japan and made them last for a year, only serving them on special occasions because we couldn't find them anywhere. We've been our for over a year so imagine our elation at finding them through Everything From JP! Ordering was a breeze, delivery went well and the packaging was flawless. The product is as good as we remembered, though we had the smaller individual packets and these are in a sleeve, but we don't feel we can't enjoy at our inclination. Thanks for ca

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